Choosing Life;
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I actually adore this photo so much. So today has been so divine that I could cry with happiness. I saw my wonderful friends; we went to the downs and Daisy and James and Colin and Harriet and Joe and Cat and Lizzy had such a perfect time drinking and laughing and Harriet and I had 2 fags each and I felt so happy and it was cold but the heat of the sun on my back was absolutely darling. I felt so content for the first time in a very long time. I’m talking months. Maybe recovery is worth it. Anyway. Off to Hit The Deck YEYEY
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I was looking for usefull tips and look what I found ♥ first: hair styling hacks for lazy girls, most unhealthy hair habits and finally proven tips for healthy and younger skin! Take care of yourself :)
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the book thief
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probably have reblogged this like 50 times but whatever theyre the hottest couple & yolo

ugh she looks like 12


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My favorite couple will forever be Johnny and Winona, but I have to admit that Kate and Johnny are extremely picturesque.  

Yusss ^^^

Why do people always have to be negative ‘ugh she looks 12’ whatever she looks this pictures is beautiful so don’t fckn ruin it, thanks
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The Amity Affliction | R.I.P Bon
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it’s hard enough withoutcrying2014
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This. This is a really good idea.
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This is beautiful

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This is not beautiful. She has self harm scars all over her body. We should not be promoting self harm.

^^ You’re missing the point. 
Her scars are healed, and she’s still here. She’s still fighting. She has felt such pain that she felt that the only way to make things better was to take a razor blade to her skin, but she is still alive. Still breathing and (hopefully) recovering. This picture is beautiful because it shows that she got through it. Pushed through the pain and has (hopefully) become a stronger person for it.
And we can do the same.
This is not promoting self harm.
This is promoting recovery.