Choosing Life;
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A black crow attacks one of the Pope’s white doves.
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Anonymous: Oh Ella. I'm so sorry. I love you. 

Its okay. They were only 14 sleeping meds and like 40 anxiety meds. I just went into a hallucinating mess and couldn’t walk and kept slipping into unconsciousness. They took bloods but as I’m such a red alert danger to myself, I’m on constant watch until I talk to some guy tomorrow who I can tell im fine and escape.

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Anonymous: it's never too late 

Im in hospital and safe after my adorable overdose :) but I’m sectioned and I have no say in my support and my room is surrounded by security guys… One guy Fricking grabbedy my wrists so tight to stop me trying to hang myself and another pushed me when I tried to run away (three times stopped)

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Hey hey hey I told someone this once!

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Thank you (:
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badlifebadperson: The point is the fight you still have to win. You have to recover, and even though I don't know you, I care. And I know that this is not much but it's at least something. Please keep going! xx 

I’m so sorry

Anonymous: I, like you, suffered from depression. I shared the same mindset as you and i made a VERY similar blogpost to you a while ago. However, it has been one year since i used to cry every single night of every single week of every single month. Things get better, you literally wont notice it and then one day you will look back and be like "wait, im not even sad anymore". Just gotta keep your head up and power through, youre beautiful :) Life is worth living, youre still 18 you have another 60-ish yrs 

It’s too late

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trigger warning

I feel numb. There is no future for me. I just want to die. What’s the point anymore.
It’s not like anyone cares…
And even Colin doesn’t want me.
I’m a worthless, fat waste of space.
I deserve to die.

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i’m a monster