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I don’t know.
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If you insist.
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amazing sex tips for couples! :D haha so helpful
signs you should dump him sad but true :(

You know what annoys me?

Ignorant twats who think it’s okay to make stupid posts about wanting their followers to buy them items. Or people who say “oh how many followers do I need before someone buys me something”. 

no. No. NO. NO!!

It’s NOT okay. That is for people to choose if they wish to spend their money on you. Not for you to guilt trip, beg, or DEMAND  them into wasting their money on you.

You may put up your amazon.com wishlist, because it is basically a personal ABOUT YOU; theoretically, it is almost an insight into your life. It is not a beg to buy, but an observation on your likes.

Be polite.

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Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Ommadawn (September 14th 5:20pm)

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Basically I’m making money so I get away from home and travel and just escape. (also for alcohol)

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