Choosing Life;
myjourneyonbecomingbeautiful: Hope you are coping okay, you have come so so far! Keep going hun x 

I’m trying but I want to give up

Anonymous: how did those girls and guys actually bully you? what did they do/say? 

Name calling, exclusion, hate messages, blackmail, threats, constantly picking on me, and just being horrible all the time to me. Plus, spreading rumors and saying horrible things about me
It wasn’t too bad but it was emotionally scarring.

britishparadise: How are you doing sweetie, done anything good over the summer, and how are you an Colin? Hope your okay 

Hey darling.
I’m currently in a really suicidal place but I’m camping and swimming when I think I’ll OD or try something else as it distracts me and calms me.
Colin and I are…tense.. To say the least. Its so hard. Not seeing him apart from on Skype is the hardest thing relationship wise after practically living together for 6months (almost 7). I just know I love him.
How are you?? Xx

Anonymous: correction, yes you are. and when you aren't you have constant thoughts. I'm surprised your family are putting you into a hospital. 

I’m alive. That’s all they care about. I don’t need to go anywhere. It’s a waste of money if I’m going to die soon

Anonymous: I agree ^ you're od 24/7 

No I don’t

Anonymous: you need to be sectioned fgs 

Well aren’t you a dick. Why on earth do I need to be sectioned?

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my blog will make you horny ;)
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my blog will make you horny ;)
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Anonymous: think of how colin would feel when he were to find out you killed yourself. 

He won’t talk to me really and he hardly cares enough to make an effort since he’s been back so I don’t know anymore…